The Church's Position on The Corona Virus Pestilence

Dear Family

This morning Friday 20th, March 2020 the governor of Oyo State His Excellency Seyi Makinde, has announced his government would be more proactive concerning this Coronavirus storm we are all going through.

He has promised to make announcements today as to the states decision and steps for which as a church we would do our best to follow the spirit and letter of the guidelines issued.

Before this however we have already put in place very stringent processes for the facility where we meet and have maintained disinfecting the facility doors handles and furniture before and after every program but more important no one would be let in without washing their hands with soap and water plus additional support with hand sanitizers

However this is not sufficient and we need to do more especially social distancing and staying at home as well as putting in simple emergency arrangements for our members and as many people we can help.

This sunday, there is an announcement concerning gathering together we would need and depend on the units in church to come together with the leadership and a selected number of people to help set up our livestream for broadcast

If for whatever reason there is no announcements barring gatherings, we would like to use this sunday to solidify long term plans and strategies + medical advice as well as safety protocols and Energency numbers and hospitals we have contacted and recommended for assistance. We also need to network together to think about any other areas we we may have missed out on.

To do this however we would not be taking any risks as all protocols must be observed coming into the facility but more important since we have a good size facility, social distancing would be used in the sitting and setting up of all the halls so no more than 2 people per table spread out throughout the hall. Arrangements are being made to spread out ever section of the church including children & teens.

In addition antibacterial wipes are to be used on all equipment especially the microphones and music equipment for addition equipment and kitchen size rolls to be used for drying hand and for anyone like children who need to cover their mouths or noses when they sneeze to be disposed off in double sided bags for disposal.

This policy would continue for prayers as we cannot but continue Intercessory prayers both online and at home and I strongly urge that each home start to implement these at home.

By my estimate this may be the last time for a while before things to go back to some level of normalcy so can I ask everyone to download useful apps like WhatsApp, zoom and keep news sources to reliable and tested sources

The need to maintain social distancing has became paramount to shutting down the virus spread as we cannot rely on data from the NCDC whose competence has been clearly limited by lapses from other states and state governments

As you know we are taking this so seriously which is why we postponed the 2020 Southwest Regional E-Commerce Summit & Expo but it can’t be done by us alone, it has to be a collective action for which we must all pray and work towards

Please feel free to contribute your ideas and thoughts to me but I must ask for your determination to fight for our nations problem and health by following guidelines and sharing your knowledge with others but more importantly than all that is praying for this nation and other nations in intense Intercessory prayers

Biblical perspectives would be shared with us as we go along and it’s time to the church of God for such a time as this.

Pastor Francis Madojemu
The Bridge Network

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