Health & Safety Rules for The Bridge Network City Church Ibadan

The Scriptures contain advanced medical and sanitation knowledge that was thousands of years ahead of its time. This medical knowledge has saved countless lives. In addition, its lifesaving commands still prove their worth in our day. - The Signature of God, Revised Edition by Grant R. Jeffrey

in lieu of the on going outbreak of the COVID-19 in some part of the world it will be good for us to take proactive health measures to prevent ourselves from the pandemic. For this reason We’ve put up a series of Health & Safety rules at The Bridge Network and is considered a necessity for all Members to adhere to.

And if you are sick, have been sick, or have been to China, Korea or Italy in the past 60 days, please report to the appropriate health officials and avoid public gatherings.

Some of our new rules may create lines when we strive to have a “no lines” experience. Our apologies there.

1. Wash Wash Wash : At the entrance and the restrooms of the venue will be washing hand basins with soap and water. Please ensure you wash your hands minimally for 20 seconds with soap and water under a running water. Hand sanitizers will also be provided for everybody to sanitize their hands

2. Avoid Hand Shakes : As much as possible avoid handshakes as germs are easily spread through that medium

3. Cough and sneeze into a tissue or the crook of your arm

4. Stay at home if you have got a cough or high temperature

Our apologies for any inconvenience here and some of them are more than we wish we’d have to do. We really do want you in church. But we will err on the side of the simplest solutions to enhanced health and safety. And most importantly, there will be no exceptions.

Our health and safety is paramount to us all, please kindly adhere to the health and safety rules at the Church Premises.



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